Entry 3: Population Thailand

Entry 3: Population Thailand

Thailand 1995

Population: 67,091,089

Arithmatic Density: 130

Physiological Density: 929

Net Migration Rate: 0

Birth Rate: 12.81

Thailand 1995  

Thailand 2010

Death Rate: 7.38

Rate on Natural Increase: 0.5%

Population Growth Rate: 0.543%

Infant Mortality Rate: 15.9

Total Fertility Rate: 1.66

Thailand 2010

Thailand 2025

Population Age <15: 15.1%

Population Age 65+: 10.1%                       

Dependency Rate: 25.2%

Life Expectancy At Birth: 73.83 years

Life Expectancy At Birth (F): 76.33 years

Thailand 2025

Thailand 2050 Life Expectancy At Birth (M): 71.45 years

Primary School Completion Rate (F): 87.04%

Primary School Completion Rate (M): 88.18%

Secondary School Enrollment Net (F): 76%

Secondary School Enrollment Net (M): 68

 Thailand 2050

a2a620dd0ee4f0d52a689d27952e6e9e              I think that thailand is a stage 3 country, but very close to being stage 4. by around 2025 the birth rate will lower significantly. This may be because of the recent change in monarchy. The new queen has been trying to help the country instead of being more of a dictator.


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