Entry 4: Switzerland Population

Entry 4: Switzerland Population

Swiss 1995 Population (Mid-2012): 7,925,517

Arithmetic Density: 198

Physiological Density: 4,640

Net Migration Rate: 6.14

Birth Rate: 10.46

Switzerland 1995 

Swiss 2010

Death Rate: 8.08

Rate of Natural Increase: 0.2%

Population Growth Rate: 0.85%

Infant Mortality Rate: 3.8

Total Fertility Rate: 1.53

Switzerland 2010

Population age <15: 15Swiss 2025.2%

Population Ages 65+: 17.1%

Dependancy rate: 32.3%

Life Expectancy at Birth: 82.28 years

Life Expectancy (F): 84.72 years

Switzerland 2025

Swiss 2050 Life Expectancy (M): 79.99 years

Primary School Completion Rate (F): 95%

Primary School Completion Rate (M): 93%

Secondary School Enrollment Net (F): 82%

Secondary School Enrollment Net (M): 86%

Switzerland 2050


I think that Switzerland is a stage 4 country because of it’s low birth rate. Many people that live in this country are wealthy or were born there.


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