Entry 5: Switzerland Culture

Entry 5: Switzerland Culture

Ethnic Groups


German 65%

French 18%

Italian 10%

Romansch 1%


Other 6%


German 63.7%

French 20.4%

Italian 6.5%

Serbo-Croation 1.5%

Wood Carving

Albanian 1.3%

Portuguese 1.2%

Spanish 1.1%

English 1%

Romansch .5%

Other 2.8%


Roman Catholic 41.8%

Protestant 35.3%

Muslim 4.3%

Orthodox 1.8%

Other Christian 0.4%

Other 1%

Unspecified 4.3%

Atheist 11.1%

The Amazing Race

This entire challange will be detour.

You will start in the train station in the village of Grindelwald which is located in the Interlaken-Oderhasli administrative district. From the railway station you must solve a riddle to find one of the provided alphorns. Once you have found and learned how to use and communicate with them you will journey to the Rhone Valley. There you will talk to a group that call themselves the L’phorns Group. They will tell you what and where your next  challenge is. All I can tell you is that it is located in Thailand.

Rhone Valley

Train Station





Cultural Journal

Wicked Sports in the Neutral Country

By:Erica Walsh

To read this article click here: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/sports/articles/extreme-sports-in-switzerland

This article is about extreme sports in switzerland. It says that switzerland may be neutral in politics, but extreme sports are still very popular in  the country. Some of the sports preformed in the country are Snow kiting, Skydiving, Snowboarding, Canyoning, and Heliboarding. It gives you a brief summary of the sport and places in Switzerland it would be best to go to.

I liked this article because sports like these are very interesting to me. I also love the nature that you can see while doing these activities. I am always amazed at snowcapped mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and any other nature. The only downside to the article is that it was to busy trying to sell it to give you more information about the sport.

This ties into the culture because not only do the people like these sports, but they also live in the perfect place for them. For, example the skiing world cup is held in Switzerland because they have some of the best courses in the world if not the best. Also, the place is breathtaking and you really like that when your doing a sport all about freedom.


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