Entry 6: Thailand Culture

Entry 6: Thailand Culture

Ethnic Groups

Thai Dance

Thai 75%

Chinese 14%

Other 11%

Muay Thai






Buddhist 94.5%

Muslim 4.6%

Christian 0.7%

Other 0.1%

The Amazing Race

This challenge will be Detour.

This challenge will take two weeks as you must train for what is to come. Your challenge will be located at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. There you will train with a personal trainer who will go through the basics and condition you for the competition. At the end of the 2 week period. You will have a traditional Muay Thai Tournament. Muay Thai is a martial art that started in Thailand. The person with an undefeated record’s team will win.

Cultural Journal Report

The Story of Nai Khanom Tom

By:Panya Kraitus and Dr. Pitisuk Kraitus

Read article at: http://www.thaiboxing.com/history_kraitus3

This article was about the very beginning of Muay Thai begin diffused. When the burmese decided to invade the ancient thai capital of Ayuthya they started taking  captives. Many of them were Thai boxers. The king decided to make a ceremony in Buddha’s name and there he held a fight. A burmese man fought one of the Thai prisoners. The Thai man danced for Buddha before the match. The Thai man, Nai Khanom Tom, was able to win the match, pummeling him with his knees and elbows. It was considered invalid because of his dance at the beginning and had to beat 9 more burmese. When he did the king of burma awarded him with his freedom and 2 wives.

The cultural sport of Muay Thai has always been pretty cool for me. My Dad used to own a Muay Thai Gym that I would train at.  I would go to the fights with him, usually in Alabama or Georgia, and watch in amazement at what the fighters were capable of. Also, it such a unique style. People I know   always start a fight by trying to punch someone or tackle them. Guess what a thai fighter would do. Dodge the punch and elbow you in the face or grab you head when it’s down and knee it till someone stopped you. If you think punches hurt you have never been kneed in the face!

This article ties into the culture of my country because Muay Thai is to them as football is to us. It is a huge sport in Thailand. This article is about how it started to get popular. Why wouldn’t it get popular if some prisoner beat up 10 trained fighters from an invading country? Also, this a very popular story told in Thailand. It probably gets a lot of people into the sport.


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