Entry 8: Switzerland Politics

Entry 8: Switzerland Politics

Long Name: Swiss Confederation

Capital: BernUeli-Maurer

Type of Gov.: civil law system

Date of independence: 1 August 1291

National Holiday: Founding of the Swiss Confederation, 1 August

Chief Of State: President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer

Head of government: Same Guy President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer

Executive Branch: council members rotate in one-year terms as federal president

Swiss Flag

Legislative Branch: Members elected by popular vote on the basis of proportional representation serve four-year terms

Judicial Branch: Judges elected by the Federal Assembly for 6-year terms

Suffrage: 18 years of age, universal

Switzerlands Ambassador: Ambassador Manuel Sager

Switzerlands Embassy: 2900 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

US Ambassador: Ambassador (vacant)

Location of US Embassy: Sulgeneckstrasse 19, CH-3007 Bern

Flag: various medieval legends purport to describe the origin of the flag; a white cross used as identification for troops of the Swiss Confederation is first attested at the Battle of Laupen

National Symbol: Swiss Cross


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